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TFI coil differences

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I called my auto supply store and was given 2 different prices..The GC407S was $45.00 and GC407 was $15.75..What is the difference in the coils? Is the price difference worth it? As always thanks for the excellent help..

1979 CJ-7 401 T18
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The GC 407 S is the premium coil. This is the GP Sorensen part numbers, and I have no idea if they manufacture or or buy theirs.
The GC 407 is the economy coil. It has an aluminum high voltage terminal, and it doesn't seem to be as well built.

If you want to price some premium coils, You are going to find out most of the premium coils are about $45. (including MSD)

Borg Warner, P/N E-92
AC Delco, P/N F503Z
Standard Ignition, P/N FD479
Niehoff, P/N FF-179

NAPA TFI Coil Connector, P/N ICC1, $13.
Standard Ignition TFI Coil Connector, P/N S-539,

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