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Im looking at a Waggy with 180,000 miles on it and took it for a drive just a minute ago. The engine has 80,000 on rebuild..seems to run ok. no smoke and fires right up. The question I have is, is there any quick and easy way to test out the rest of the drive train, particularly the Quadratrac??


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One way would be to remove one drive flange from a front hub. It should be under a cover that you can put back on to keep out dirt. Then put it in drive and try to drive uphill. If you hear slipping or a grinding type noise, you know the differential is unlocked and isn't bound. Then turn the knob in the glove box to the red (emergency drive) position and try the uphill again. If there is no slipping or noise you know the transfer case is locking. You might even get lucky and have the light on the dash light up. Then turn the knob back to the green position and try the uphill one more time. The results should be the same as the first time telling you that the transfer case has shifted to the unlock position.

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