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temporary loss of power

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This may not be anything, but it concerned me and I was worried that something happened. Maybe somebody could enlighten me to what it could have been . . .
If not, no big deal. Just didn't want anything to happen tomorrow on my date.

So on the way home tonight I was going down the highway about 60mph, then stopped for a minute. On the reacceleration just after disengaging the clutch from 2nd to 3rd the Jeep had a spasm. It was like a boggy feel, like loss of power and was going to stall but all of a sudden it kicked back in and seemed fine the rest of the ride home. I was giving it gas quite heavily to speed up. Could this be like a clutch sticking or something? I also wonder if it could be the ignition module about to die?

I have never had this happen. Any ideas are appreciated, but not that important--as long as it never happens again. I was just about to pull off to the side of the road when it came back to life--so I felt lucky. The ironic part was that it was right smack dab in front of a Jeep dealership.

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When you disengaged the clutch you were probably simultaneously pressing on the gas. I think you have a fuel filter/carb that is starting to get clogged. I don't think you have to worry about clutch problems.

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