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Temp gauge

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My temp gauge has always stuck itself halfway. It will move to zero when ignitionis off, but once started it moves directly to half way. I know it's not working cause I overheated and blew my valve cover gasket a couple months ago. I just changed the sending unit in the block and nothing changed on the gauge. My fuel gauge works fine. It's the only one that does work.


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Funny, my temp. gauge works just fine but my fuel gauge sticks just past empty. The stock gauges are notorious for failure. I recently ditched both of them in favor of some dash mounted 1 1/16" gauges. Summit has about the best prices, plus they only charge of handling fee of 6 shipping. check them out

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If you really want to try it, you can take the cluster out and remove the gage. on mine the needle was catching on the face of the gage causing it to stick. a little bend and a little removing of the top opening and works fine now, but its kinda a PITA. New gage would prob. be better anyway.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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