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Well, I'm back, for anyone who cares... Tellico was awesome, it met and exceeded my expectations. Here are a few things I learned about the place that I think all of you should know. I found it very hard to find info about Tellico, so here's my contribution:

What Broke:

Front Driveshaft about Halfway up School Bus - we had a spare.
Short Steering arm was bent on Rock Garden - we had a spare, but we bent it back with the winch and snatch block instead of replacing it.
Muffler and tailpipe were ripped off on the bottem of slickrock - we welded it back on, then we lost it again the next day at Rock Garden and pretzled it, so we just threw it in the back of the Jeep and were a little louder for the rest of the day.
Both rocker panels were TOTALLY mangled, including the 1/8" alum. diamond plate.

Things to know:

1) You're probably better off staying in Tellico Plains, TN instead of Murphy, NC. It's alot closer.

2) You CANNOT get beer in Murphy, anywhere in the county. I'm not a raging alcoholic, but we wheeled hard all day and I wanted e nice steak and a beer - not to be had anywhere around there...

3) Depending on how you get there, the roads can be super windy (not like wind, but curvy) and quite a handful for a flat towing job. We came down US-40 on Saturday night in the rain, and I was more scared there than on the trails!

4) Your Jeep IS going to be damaged at Tellico. So don't even go if this is a concern. And I'm not talking about scratches, I'm talking major dents covering every square inch of the Jeep.

5) All of the pictures you've seen of like Guardrail and Helicopter Pad don't do justice to the steepness of the place.

6) If you plan to do all of the trails, 2 lockers, 33" VERY aggressive tires, 4" lift, T-18 are pretty much the BARE MINIMUM! However, crawling in 1st very often does not get the job done - you need wheelspeed to get up alot of the stuff...

7) Don't leave the house without a winch and on-board air.

8) Take all of the spare parts you can.

9) The trails were nice, pretty well maintained, very scenic. They're shorter than they look on the map, at least to us it seemed that way, but that's OK because they're pretty much solid obstacles.

10) The place was pretty much litter free, except for some of the big attractions. It was pretty weird actually, as Slickrock was like TOTALLY litter free, but Guardrail was a dump - REALLY bad with litter.

11) There were broken axleshafts and U-joints EVERYWHERE, which is pretty intimidating when you're standing at the bottom of Guardrail contemplating whether or not you want to die, and there's a broken Dana 44 rear axleshaft under your foot, and you've got an AMC 20 and a Dana 30...

12) Some chode with those super wide CJ-7 flares lost both of them on School Bus and just left them there. This is the type of bodywork that Tellico destroys instantly. - It would have been nice if he packed them out... There was also ALOT of broken windshield and side window glass

13) Trail 2 (Rock Garden) will eat your Jeep's tub alive.

14) Every picture you see of Tellico that looks flat is really a 45 degree angle.

15) The place is TOTALLY different in the rain.

16) The soil erosion on trails like School Bus is unbelieveable. Some parts of the trail have eroded down 10-12 feet underground. Don't ever send Al Gore out there, he'd freak. Actually, I'm not much into this erosion either, but I think a place like Tellico is what's needed to keep this from happening everywhere.

17) You need MAJOR gas tank protection. We all thought mine was ridiculous overkill, but it took about 400 MAJOR hits with the full weight of the Jeep. I highly recommend 1/4" steel...

18) Safety First should be a big concern. Whoever it is that runs the place really does not care whether you go out there and die... They pretty much take the approach that "You're an adult, take care of yourself." We were there during the week and were THE ONLY vehicle in the whole place. If we would have rolled and both been hurt, it may have been several days before someone came along. We pretty much gave each obstacle 2 or 3 decent shots, and then got the winch. We did not have a CB or a phone, and that was probably a mistake - I'd take both next time.

I'm happy to answer any other questions people have - I think it's a "MUST DO" for anyone on this board who's serious about off roading. Tellico has the obstacles you've been searching for if you live on the East Coast. - Chuck

Chuck Hadley
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Sounds like FUN! As far as #6 goes, we have a term for that out here, its called the "Farmington Bump"./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

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I really appreciate the information. JEEPNCHICK and I were going to do T2K, but the funds this year just aren't there. Next year we'll hit it though, no doubt. Did you find you needed power? Most of the other considerations are taken care of, but power above 2nd is a little lacking. I don't know if I'll have the SBC 350 in next year or not, too early to tell. I'm also considering the SBC 350 or the Doubler, kinda the same money each way. Thanks again for the info!

'81 CJ-8 Scrambled!
GM151/SM465/NP205 twinstick/7"Lift/33"TSL's/IHC D44's 4.10's Lock'd

What is a Doubler? A gear doubler of some kind? I have 55 to 1 overall, and I find it's been plenty to do everything over the past few years. I have a bone stock fresh rebuild 360 AMC with 2 barrel, and I had plenty of power. Also, that Motorcraft 2-barrel would keep idling at more than 45 degrees - I did set the float a little lower before we left and I'm glad. The brakes kept going to the floor at that angle, but otherwise were fine, and did come back with a few pumps even at the steep angle - weird - but my Master cyl. has had a slow leak for 6 months, so that may have contributed to that problem. I'm happy to discuss Jeeps/mods anytime if you're interested - e-mail me. - Chuck

Chuck Hadley
Chuck, I got a trail map last time I went to Tellico and was not able to find the Guardrail, Rock garden and the schoolbus. Which trails were the on? I was on #6 but the group had to turn around. Are they on #6? Thanks, Ricky

1979 CJ-7 401 T18
I've been on these trails.. They are lots of fun, I can't wait to get back to Tellico:

School Bus is trail 12
Helicopter/Guardrail is trail 11
Rockgarden (which is just tons of fun!) is trail 2

Jim O'Brien
[email protected]
http://My jeep page
It's an adapter for mating the gear drive section of an NP-203 particularly to an NP-205, but from looking over things I think it'll also work with a Dana 300. Glad you had a good time & made it back okay. I had to bow out of the T2K trip as well for financial reasons, but will probably make it down later in the year. A bunch of my buddies from Chi-Town went down last year and had a good time and managed not to get much damage or breakage beyond a D35 Gearless Locker blowing up in the Taco Bell parking lot /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif
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if anyone wants to come with, me and jeepgod are hitting tellico Memorial weekend...hopefully i don't have to completely rebuild my jeep after the trip this year

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
uh.. i dont think i will be ready till memorial day.. wont have lockers till mid may. fundage and all.. but i will be there memorial day if anyone is interested.
one ? for you chuck.. you said your motorcraft carb ran good? i have the stock 4bbl on my 401, was going to rebuild it before i drop the engine in. was just wondering how they did on the hills. thanks.

survival is instinct, but living takes guts
Jeepgod, I had my old 2bbl motorcraft carb on my 304 last year in Tellico and did not have an instant of trouble. I think a 2bbl on your 401 may not be enough for the beast. I have a 600cfm 4bbl on mine and think it is perfect. I was having an off camber problem with flooding , but resolved it (hopefully) by putting a tube on my rear vent. I would like to go with 'yall to Tellico, but we are heading to Mont Eagle TN for the Rosser trip. Pick another weekend this summer and count me in...
BTW I just ordered a Detroit for my front end...seeya...

1979 CJ-7 401 T18
hey there.. jeepgod said he has a stock 4bbl motorcraft that came on the 401.. was wondering how it would do off camber.. we are going to uwharrie april 15th weekend.. if you would like to come... just let us know.

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
JeepGod, elusive -

You may want to rethink the Memorial Day thing - it sure was nice to have the whole place to ourselves - I think that's what allowed us to cover the entire place in 3 days. A guy we ran across said Memorial Day there is absolutely ridiculous...

One final note - and this is not to rip on JeepSkate who actually made the comment about the budget. I went with one other guy, and with gas, food, and 4 nights hotel, the trip total was about $325 per person for the two of us. I think that this is not bad, and I think it's more important to spend this money than on some mod. My attitude has been the same for years and I keep preaching it - take whatever you've got and get out there before it's too late - for a variety of reasons, they close Tellico, you have kids, you REALLY can't afford it, blah, blah, blah. Also, it's fun to go and break stuff and then come home and figure out how to keep that from happening next time - it's all part of the adventure. Nothing's better when wheeling than to conquer a trail that has previously conquered you! :)

Chuck Hadley
See less See more problem is I'd have to take the wife and kid and rent a trailer which easily makes it a more expensive trip, plus she used to do home day care and was short by at least 1 kid for most of last year and just started a new job (read: no vacation time, sucking up my Jeepin' money to pay bills, almost no income from her for the last 4 weeks). I'll be staying local this year, maybe do a run in Pennsylvania on my way through in October for my high school reunion and possibly Sno-Blind or something over the winter. We'll be travelling next year...Rubicon Scramble IV, etc.

/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif..GREAT THREAD!... A REALLY great thread......all of you guys....a super read(reed) speaks directly to the very heart and soul of "real" Jeeping. There is NOTHING like an "expedition" to someplace..... taking a vehicle with you that you intend to do things with that normally cannot be done, whether it is taking a dragster to Florida, a stock car to Phoenix, or a Jeep to Tellico. Chuck is absolutely right. You HAVE to make the choice to do these things before finances, geography,family needs, and job responsibilities begin to make all of your choices for you. Jeepchick and I are to the point now where we are PAST those kinds of considerations; and we can go wherever we want; BUT the truth is that at almost 57, those kinds of things are not as attractive as they once were....changing rod bearings in the race car at the motel....welding spider gears up right in the vehicle...towing for 30 hours straight to get there....and so forth. So, you need to be careful about thinking.."Some day I'll DO that". Take Chuck's advice and make it a priority. Chuck will look back on this recent trip countless times over the next 20 years, and if something should happen and he had to give up Jeeping for a high rise apt in NYC, he would have "Done" this trip, and just thinking about it in the years following would be a pleasure. I can remember each and every one of our "great" racing trips to tracks where we normally didn't run...the struggle to "set up" the car...doing good where you didn't really expect to...the "emergency" fixes. It beats a weekend skydiving trip or bungee jumping, and is a lot less risk./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

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i hear you CJDave.. back in october of '96, just before i was transferred out to good ole north carolina, my best friend and i took some leave, packed up some canned food, alittle bit of parts, whole bunch of beer and took the tops off the jeeps and headed north. drove from L.A. up the 5 to the Rubicon. we had the whole place to ourselves.. did the trail in 2 days.. and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! the best adventure i have done.. except for freezing my keester off coming back thru the mountains with no top on... dang CJDave.. wish i would have known you then.. so you could have warned me about the snow never melting.. lol.. but it was great.. and sometimes.. you just gotta do.. what a Jeeper has to do..

read and heed what is below...

survival is instinct, but living takes guts
I have to agree with the last few opinions. set your rig up as best as you can afford(money and time wise), then get out and run what you brung. Whatever breaks moves to front of the list for replacement. I have had the priveledge of living and working for a Large Construction Co. all over the Western US for the past 5 years, I am currently building and living in Reno,Nv only about 60 miles from Rubicon, the local guys I have been wheelin with for the past few months have all been there dozens of times and Im looking forward to doing the trail again with there insight. While I was in Oakhurst,Ca last year(Yosemite area),I had a chance to wheel with some great rock drivers with some well set up rigs(not all Jeep, what with Marlin Crawler being based out of Fresn,Ca.).I had a chance to run Dusi Ersham trail"What a great trail" but they are talking about closing it every year. Get out and drive when ever you can. What was there yesterday may not be there tommorow. I would love to run Telico, but its a long way from here, this year I will try to do Moab,Rubicon,Dusi,Fordyce, and the Hammers in Johnson Valley is a deffinite at least twice. Anyone in the area drop me an E mail I try to get and break something at least every other weekend.
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