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Me and my buddies have decided that this summer we are making the trip down to Tellico. Needless to say I am a little excited. I am just wondering if anyone has been there and can tell me if my rig is good enough for the tough trails there. I have a 79 CJ 7 which has to following specs now.

4" Skyjacker lift
shackle reversal
33x12.5 MT's
TH400 tranny
Dana 20 t-case
Dana 30 front/AMC 20 rear with mosier shafts and lock right locker 3.54 gears

It will soon have the following (before the trip anways)
33x12.5 TSL radials
TJ flares (considering going with a 1-2"body lift and 35x12.5 tires)
AMC 360 w/Holley pro-jection
Full roll cage
4 point seat belt harnesses
Same tranny and t-case
Same axles and gears

I do NOT have a winch, or a locker in the front. are some of the hard trails still do-able, or should I sell my sole to the devil for a winch. Also is there alot of trouble with full size rigs, like pick-ups and broncos making it through the trails there. I know at the Badlands we had a dog of a time in some spots with the lomger wheelbase vehicles.

See you at the Great Smokey Mountains Venture (hopefully)

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Hey. sorry about the late reply. just backtracked the bbs to see if i missed anything. I live in the area and know a little about tellico. Your rig should have no problems...however, let common sense be the judge of what you can and cat do. also, locals are a great help when conquering the tellico. alot of rigs that wheel there often are way tricked out (38" tires, soa, etc, etc)jeeps, hybrids, and even fullsizes. but its not really necesary if your cautious. also, about the fullsize problems? most people that try the hard trails with a fullsize really dont care about body unless some newb with a new truck is up there, it shouldnt be a factor.


Try the Central North Carolina 4X4 Club Web Site.
The site is: Most of the members go to Tellico on a regular basis. You could probably hook up with some of
them and get info on the trails and equipment.

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