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TeamRush (Aaron) - I got all of the MSD stuff (Cap-A-Dapt, TFI Blaster Coil, and Spiral wound plug wires), but I don't know how well the 90 degree boots are going to work on an AMC 360 - that's what the part #3122 on the MSD 8mm plug wires you listed showed up with. Have you put the 90 degree boots on and AMC V-8 before? If so, how does it turn out? I've always seen them with the straight kind. I'm concerned that with the way the plug angles inward and upward, the 90 degree boot will shove the plug wire into the block/Valve cover. FYI - I have the stock manifolds with no air tubes.

Also, at the distributor end, they have the GM HEI boots with that little knob molded in. I'm wondering if there's any ring available for this application that would make use of that knob and hold these all together as an added measure of security to keep them from coming off the cap. You know, just like the GM deal...

Thanks for the upgrade thoughts - I had 7mm wires, aluminum terminal small cap, basically just a bunch of crap, and I think it may have ultimately been the culprit of my problems earlier this month that we discussed.

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MSD makes a cut to fit set, and you can order them with any plug boot ends you want.
I don't remember making an specific recommendations as to part number for wires...but...

That doesn't mean anything.... My memory is just about as long as my pud these days...
The medication for my back plays hell with everything... And I do mean EVERYTHING...

The MSD 460 ford set has 45 degree plug boots that are just about perfect. That's what I'm using on the latest one.
If you have to exchange those, sorry for the screw up...

I wish they wouldn't use those GM style cap boots. The ford style boots are longer, and seal better.
As for the 'keeper' ring, I have made them out of Lexan, but I don't know anyone that sells them for a ford cap.
You have a really good idea, but the market is so small I don't think there is any money in it.
Your market is....
People that are using GM style boots on a ford cap...
Not a hell of a lot of us, but we know what we are doing!

Throw in an old weak coil and rotor with a pot metal blade and it's a wonder it ran at all!!

I see it every day! You are going to be SO much happier with the upgrade!

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I looked up some info on the MSD site (see attachment). Hope this might help someone.

Also, TFI coil connector is available from MotorMite P/N 85121 for $9.99.

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