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TBI won't spray fuel.

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TBI won\'t spray fuel.

I haven't checked anything yet, but if a 93 TBI 350 won't spray any fuel (it has spark and fuel preasure and starts up on starting fluid) is there anything other than the throttel pos. sensor and idle control sensor (and obviously the ecm and fuses) that would cause it to have NO fuel?
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Re: TBI won\'t spray fuel.

No... TPS and IAC have nothing to do with injectors not spraying. IAC simply acts as an air bypass valve and the TPS as an injector pulse controller... basically the further the pedal goes, the more fuel the TPS lets out of the injectors... I have never heard of one stopping injector spray. You say you have good fuel pressure, what did you get for readings and where did you take your readings at? Your diaphragm in the pressure regulator/meter assembly may have failed. On a lesser note, a portion of your ignition module may have fried. Take it to the Zone and get it tested. It can shut down different sections of your fuel system or ignition. Just try it... Is it possible that you pinched the injector wires in your air cleaner or spacer? I just did that a week ago and it would not let me start my truck until I fixed the broken wire and reset the PCM.

I also had an s-10 Blazer that had broken wiring under the drivers seat that shorted out the fuel system sporadically... what a wierd problem, just driving along then all fuel just stopped. Theres lots of reasons why they may not be firing... before you go replacing injectors though, check the injector harnesses with either a noid light or a voltmeter, just to make sure there is voltage up there... I wish you luck!
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