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Targa tops for cheap, who posted that???

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I think i recall someone saying they found cheap Jeep hardtops from Acme i think that where scratch and dent versions, anyone know how to contact them??

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800-421-2215 I called yesterday and they were out of factory second hardtops for YJs.

Yup, that was a while back though. I posted it. Usually, they have a section in the back of their catalogs that list "factory seconds" and discontinued items. You should check with them about mid spring/early summer. With the cold weather creeping up already, they will either be totally out, or be down to only the REALLY bad stuff for a while. You can call them, like once a week or so, all winter - you might get lucky and catch them on a day when they have one in stock, but your choices will be very limited. You see, there's a reason squirrels dont wait until the first snow fall to begin gathering nuts... Hope this helped, and good luck! Happy Jeepin'!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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