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Taillight wiring question

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I'd like to go to 3-wire stop/turn/tail lights...can anyone tell me how to do this? Right now it's 3 wires to the tail/stop lights and 2 to the turnsignals....

as always....thanks for the help
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I'll second that , only use one that is self-powered from the battery so it doesn't screw up the front turn signals or the flashers...
I used the same type of lights , but kept the original configuration of two brake , two turn, and two reverse lights . I did this after running the convertor for two years , I hated the fact that the 4-way flashers didn't show up correctly on the rear . They will not flash when you are on the brakes at all . So, when the new bumper was built , I went ahead and cut in 6 oval holes for the new grommet lights , love it and won't go back either . I did keep the convertor back there for the trailer hitch and set it up accordingly , works just fine .
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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