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Hello everybody,
I’m new in this forum and this is my first post.

I’ve used a first generation 1999 Tacoma V6 ext. Cab (imported from Canada) for 10 years with a pickup-camper.
Now I want do a change for a second generation Tacoma and want to go on with my old truck camper.
Being not shure, that it will fit it would be nice if somebody could do a measurement and give me the exact size.
As I live in germany I have no chance to do exact measurements because you can’t buy a Tacoma on the european car market.
You always have to import it from the USA or from Canada.

What I need is the tailgate width. For picking up the camper cabin I have to take off the tailgate. The exact width between the cargo bed ends is important to let the camper cabin slide in.
Please see pictures below (red marks).

Thanks for your efforts



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