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T5 vs T5 World Class - What's the difference?

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T5 vs T5 World Class - What\'s the difference?

My first post here... I am doing a rebuild of an 83 CJ7. Just finished all of the axle and suspension work (4.1's, posi-track, 4" skyjacker, RSX shocks). In trying to make this Jeep as dependable as reasonably possible (it may become a daily driver), I have a transmission question. Behind the 258 sits a T5. Advanced Adaptors advertises the World Class T5. I called 2 transmission specialists and asked them to quantify on a scale from 1 to 10 my T5, the World Class T5, and the NV4500. Coincidentally they said the same thing: T5=3,WCT5=6,7, NV4500=10.
What is the differnce between the two T5's? and What can I do to beef mine up?
I will eventually run 33's and possibly even a 350...

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Re: T5 vs T5 World Class - What\'s the difference?

The world class is a stronger tranny than the regular T5, and is used in fast car stuff. I seem to recall something about it's 1st gear being kinda high though.
I saw some info on this years ago...

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Re: T5 vs T5 World Class - What\'s the difference?

the output shaft on the world class is bigger, as is about everything else. a regular t-5 will live behind a 258 for a long time

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
Re: T5 vs T5 World Class - What\'s the difference?

World class T5 was designed to live behind the mustang GT 5.0 fuel injected engine. Ford was having a lot of warranty problems with the original T5, world class T5 was designed to solve these problems, and is probably designed a little heavier than what was needed for the mustang. IMHO I thing the World Class T5 and a Dana 300 with terra-low 4:1 gears would be an economical combination for a jeep with a 302,304,305, or mild 350,360. I would guess that it would give a 64:1 crawl ratio, and would really be a pleasure on pavement.
good luck, jjc
Re: T5 vs T5 World Class - What\'s the difference?

keep your t-5.. if you drop in a 350 you cant use either without a 500 dollar adapter.. so i would run that until you drop the 350 in then go with a chevy tranny.. simple and cheapest..

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Re: T5 vs T5 World Class - What\'s the difference?

T5 WC has a better alloy for the gears, a beefed up case,
Timkin tapered bearings(vs. torrington-NWC), caged needle
bearing under the main shaft,sinterized-metal carbon syncros,
and were available w/2.95,3.75 and 4.03 first gear.

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