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I have a 74 CJ5 with a 304 and a T18A four speed. This tranny is very, very noisy so I want to replace it with a T18 until I can afford to rebuid the T18A. In order to use the T18, I need to use the shorter output shaft on the T18A. Can this been done?, and if so, does it require any adaptors or extra cash?. From what I have gathered, this seems to be a simple swap, but I don't want to rip these apart, only to find it can't be done. Also, the T18A is only noisy in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 4th is rather quite but that could be because the RPMs are lower. If anyone could shine some light on this I would appreciate it. Being from Yellowknife, NT, Canada, there are few people around here that can help.


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you most likely just need a new ionput shaft bearing, and your going to have to replace that anyway.

so why not buy the bearing, and replace it, and see if that fixes it?

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