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T18 / T150 bellhousing

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they are interchangable right?

ok so what if hte T18 bell came off of a Fullsized jeep truck wioth a T18 and has the 5 inch spacer between teh bell and the tranny, if I removed the spacer is it just like a CJ T18 bell/ or a CJ T150 bell?

thanks, I need clarification!

NW Arkansas, need a Jeep T18a CJ or truck!!
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Matt, I've come across a couple of T-18's from wagoneers and none of those had a spacer just a longer bellhousing and input shaft.


ewww, thanks Bob,

thats a new one on me!

ill have to check into that!

NW Arkansas, need a Jeep T18a CJ or truck!!
The answer to question is NO. here is why, you have to get rid of the bell housing and the spacer and the clutch shaft and the bearing retainer. We happen to have a Ford T 18 and in reference to the same question you are asking We asked Vince at Hicks 4x4 (a close and personal fiend) He says this

> Yes, the input from the Ford T18 will work in the Jeep T18
They are not real hard to do if you
>have the proper puller. Pulling off the front and rear bearings would be the
>hardest thing to do. Once they are off then it is disassemble and reassemble.
>The clutch and bellhousing should come from a 1976 to 1979 CJ with the AMC engine. In those years they used the T150 and it had the same spline as the Ford T18. > Vince

Not everybody has a Ford transmission hanging around, Vince can set you up with what you need for this. [email protected]
Also there is an explaination on the transmission tech articles here on the Off-Road web pages. run a search on T-18s.

My 360 T-18 and dana 20 came off a J-10 and is going into my CJ 7 after it gets shortened up. Does any of this make sense if not email me dirrectly and I will try to clarify
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did your J10 engine tranny combo have a spacer between the bellhousing and tranny?
Im curious what bellhousing your left with after you remove that 5 inch spacer?

i knew you could use a Ford tranny, or a Ford input on a Jeep tranny together with a T150 bellhousing, but if you use a Ford input shaft it requires a different pilot bearing.

What does the short shaft kit from hicks cost? ill probably have to go this route since I cant find a Cj T18a

In need of a T18 tranny!
Hey Ozark the J-10 Wagoneer, Cherokee all used the deep bellhousing, the same one used with the T-15 three speed. They used various lengths of adapters with these combonations.the bellhousing you would need with the ford input shaft is the T-150 bell housing

Check this link out.

thats what I needed to know, thanks!

so even without the spacer the FSJ T18 bellhousings are longer than a T150 bellhousing?

great info, thanks

In need of a T18 tranny!
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