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T18`s & Dana 300 ?

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This guy has a 1974 Ford 4x4 he is parting out . Would this be a T 18 and Dana 300 Xsfer case( I think it was called a 300 in the Fords ???) ? The guy has no clue and its a long drive to see for myself . I do mean a LONG drive . I was curious if you guys knew if this was the standard 4 spd in these Fords equipped with V-8 Engines. If it is , is it a complicated job replacing my 3 spd/Dana 20 with the T18/(D 300) . I know the swap question has probably been asked a 1000 times at this message board , sorry . I should mention that the Ford is a Bronco.
All your help ( as always) is appreciated !!


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Hey Jeff,

I just went through a similiar situation while swapping a T-18a in my CJ. There is a great Identification Swap guide for the T-18 (both ford and CJ) at: Check it out
As for the Dana 300, i dont think that Fords ever came with those. However if you Start off with a FORD T-18 over a CJ one you will have an advantage when mounting a JEEP Dana300 to it. From what i have been told the FORD T-18 is MUCH easier and cheaper to Adapt to a JEEP D-300 then the JEEP T-18 is . But the JEEP T-18 (much harder to find) will bolt RIGHT UP to your existing DANA20 which is a pretty good T-case. Not sure about the FORD T18 but i do know that the JEEP T-18 will bolt right up to your existing bellhousing because that is what i just did (JEEP T-150 to JEEP T-18 Swap) Check out that URL above and it should answer a lot of your questions. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

Good Luck

Kevin Speicher
New England 4x4 Club
79 Jeep CJ-7
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Jeff, If the Ford is an F100 it probably has a New Process 435 with a Dana 21 single speed transfer case. If it's an F 250 it could have either a 435 or a T18 with a divorced mount 205. Ford never used the 300. Roger

I think that early Ford Bronco used a Dana 300, but it had a left hand drop. That would work pretty cool in a YJ!

I believe that in the Bronco it would have been a Dana 20. The other thing is that it would have had a driver side output, so it would be real hard to adapt that tc to a cj, if that is what you have.

Jeff if it's abronco you'll have to go check it out. The bronco in that year came with a dana 20 but it was only offered with a 3 speed or c-4 auto. The early broncos up to 1977 were never offered with a 4 speed so if this one has one someone adapted it. Bob

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