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After replacing the output shaft to match up to a D300 all the shifting patterns worked fine. However after installing the adapter
onto the T18 the input and output shaft only turn while in neutral. The shafts don't turn in any of the gears. What could be wrong
with this, or is this normal? My T176 is able to turn in all gears without any resistance.... Any help would be great!
Thanks Much, Goose

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I have two thoughts in mind, 1) when the dana 300 is bolted on it is putting a preload on the tranny out put shaft, lossen the bolts a couple turns to see if that helps. 2) when the top hat was put on the reverse fork might not have engaged, when you shift it in gear you maybe actually shifting into two gears at once.
Oh, one more thought, some transmissions are kind of paticular about having a gasket under the front bearing retainer (the part the throw out bearing rides on) you may need to add paper gaskets until there is adequate endplay.
good luck, jjc


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Re: T18 Rebuild question - HEY GOOSE!


I was just hoping for an update. I seem to be heading in the same direction you have already gone. I was wondering exactly what route you took (what t18/who's adapter), and if you have a lift on your jeep. I read a separate post that said the t18/adapter/d300 combo was too long for a CJ5.

Thanks in advance

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jjc hit the nail right on the head, check your front bearing retainer. I just got done rebuilding my T-18A and experienced the exact same problems you described. In fact I could only get the input shaft to turn by using a big wrench. After spending four hours reading the manual, looking at another T-18A I had sitting on the floor and scratching my head, I figured I screwed up and began taking it apart again. As soon as I got the front bearing retainer and rear adapter plate off the shaft spun freely, in all gears and neutral. After reading the manual CAREFULLY I noticed the call out for using a gasket 0.003" to 0.005" thicker than the distance between the front bearing retainer and the case when you press it firmly together. I didn't bother using a gaskets, just some RTV. What is happening is the roller bearing inside the input shaft (where it meets the main shaft) is binding up. It needs a bit of clearance to operate properly. Hope this helps!

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Great information!
That just goes to show you that Borg-Warner's machine work was not perfect.
My T18 went together with RTV throughout and turned freely when assembled.
I must have got lucky.
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