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hey all going to replace the chain in my NP231 command-trac this weekend, and was hoping if any of you have done it. What am i going to expect and what to look for. Do any of of you all have the instruction on donig it wrote down, if you do send them my way. also i bought from the jeep dealer the rubber isulator and bracket for a 5-speed tranny(french [censored])have any of you all replaced that and is it hard. thanks really great form....

ive replaced about 3 chains with my buddy who works at n/p gear where your case was made.
why are u replacing it ??
what do u need to know ??
i dont have anything written down but might be able to e-mail u some tips.

89 2D XJ, 9+" OF LIFT, LOCKED F&R, 4.56, 4.1 LR, 38 X 12.5 TSLs AND TO MANY OTHERS TO LIST !!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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