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T-18 to V-6 bellhousing

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It's finally mated. Cost a bit more than I planned but for the same money I could have had the 3 speed rebuilt so I think it will be worth it.
I had a tranny shop install the input shaft and new bearings seals etc.
Check the attachments (if they work this time) to see what I went through mounting it. The top 2 holes were close enough but I had to add some material to bolt the bottom 2. It ain't pretty but time will tell if my welds will hold. I'm betting it will be fine.

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Cut to the chase, The finished product.
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I seem to have problems posting pictures to this board.
They're too big to attach.
Go to

if you're interested.

I should have more soon.
The windshield frame and doors came off easily.
I couldn't figure out how to remove the vent windows so I just removed the doors.
The body mounts started coming out easily except for the 2 front left side and the 2 rear ones.
They will have to be cut off.

Later, Al
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