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Ok I finally got my T-18, is a T-18-01B from a Jeep J10 or J20(I dont really know for sure). Now it's a wide ratio one and I was hoping to get a close ratio as I dont do a slow wheeling, but lot of mud. Now my question is since the T-19 have a 4:1 first gear and it's synchronized, can I make a T-18 wide ratio into a close ratio with synchronize first??? I know you probably think I am crazy but I needed the strenght of the T-18, but for my fourwheeling needs I can use a close ratio tranny.


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Hi Junior-
I'm glad you found a GOOD tranny. I would leave it as is, since you don't HAVE to use first if you don't need it. It's nice to have if you DO need it, though.

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