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My manual hubs have been acting up so I think im going to go to manual, Does anyone have any suggestions or tips? And is there any benefits or noticeable improvements with manual hubs?

Also is there any necessary or suggested protocol to convert from Auto hubs to manual hubs?

I Have a 1993 Nissan Terrano 2.7l D, some one told me they were 27 spline, I counted 28 just want to make sure I have the right hubs before it costs me a fortune to get them to the Caribbean. line-nissan-pathfinder-6-cyl-1990-01-p-227.html

Figured they are the same as the pathfinder considering I just replaced both of my CV joints with pathfinder CV joints. Also is the any kind of specific grease (warn says you don�t need grease I think �pregreased�) or other parts ect...

Thanks for all the help



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