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swapping tubs on a cj-5

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Just a few questions. I'm going to be installing a used fiberglass tub on my 79 cj-5. The tub thats on there now is totally shot. Can I just take a grinder to the bolts, or is there a problem with this. Also, I know I have to take the linkage, steering column, wiring, throttle cable and other things attached to my firewall off, but is there anything else hidden underneith that I should be concerned with? Thanks for any help.

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the front clip is easy! The tubs body mounting bolts will be most likely so rusted, that soak em with a good penitrating oil and heat up with torch. Steering column is a bit of bugger, and like you said make and keep note of what all linkages, wires and contorls are and what they go to. You will have to feed wires back into the engine compartment so put a piece a tape around them and mark what they are. One of the problems with the glassbodies is that nothing electrical can be ground to them, so anything that requires a ground needs to be run to a metal area. Alot of companies that make glass bodies offer a how to install video now wether or not these videos cover electrical issues i don't know! Oh ya nows also the time to go with better body mounts urethan or rubber also if you really need to, now the time to add a body lift. Theres been alot to disscusion on this board about bedliners, it would be pretty trick to have a glass body with a rinho or other coating! Good luck
or if you really must the time for a body lift. Wh

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Another issue is the thickness of the fiber vs. metal. There are a few changes(cutting) you will have to make to ensure the brake pedal assembly will fit. I went and bought a mouting kit(lots of small metal pieces) and video from 4whdrive hardware. Helped out a lot. I could lend you the video if you would like. Just email me at [email protected]
BTW the video covering a little wiring but not much.
Ricochet: Will you please post your progress, results and such while you are doing this? I HAVE to replace my tub in the next few months. Was looking at glass cause it's got to be easier to maintain then metal. I have a metal hood, though, and going for metal fenders (in case of rubbing, I won't split the fiberglass).

Let me know how things came together on your project as I'll be doing the same myself! I think I'm going to go for an AJ's body though, they have some nifty little options..

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