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Swappin\' my clutch...

I got a new clutch last night, and I'm gonna put it in this weekend. I cracked open my Haynes manual last night to get a heads up on the job (this is my first time to swap a clutch in a zook, tho NOT the first time to swap a clutch). I was rather mortified when the book told me to basically rip the whole underside of the zook out! The t-case, exhaust, brace the engine, take out the distributor, and a slew of other stuff. I looked under there with this in mind, and it looks about right (of course). Any of you guys have any tips about this that would make the job a bit easier that is, perhaps, not mentioned in the book?

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Re: Swappin\' my clutch...

You can get away with alot less than that.
I just yank the driveshaft to the t-case and take the bolt-on crossmember support out and the unhook the front of the front driveshaft to just get it out of the way.
once you have the trans bolts off (Soak them with penatrating oil.) pull it back and push the tail of it up and twist it and you should be able to pull it out bell-
housing first. Some guys have had to trim things a bit
to get thiers out. With both of mine I have done (3 clutches 2 trucks) I have been able to do it without trimming. (It is A tight fit coming out.) Make sure your engine mounts are good before you do this BTW.. Try to lift each side of the engine up..) Good luck

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