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jai bird and i took off yesterday and loaded the truck with beer and hot pockets and hit the big swap meet at the speedway. had a pretty good time bought a set of 38.5s x 12.5s super swamper sxs for 150 bucks[pretty wore but they are from a street truck looks like they have never been on the trail]. i am going to put them on the 88 land cruiser. jai bird and i did the spoa on it last week and it turned out big as in 7 1/2 inches in the back and 6 3/4 in the front have it setting on a set of wore out 40s right now. it looks bad a$$, but still have to hook up some new shock mounts. also picked up a set of u bolts for 12 bucks that i need for the front of the 62. picked up a couple of cbs for 5 bucks but i don't think they work. also picked up a eaton super charger for a 3800 gm motor for 25 bucks[now that was a deal]. o yea jai bird and i picked up a genuine bull riders hat for 20 bucks. also drank about a case of beer, but to sum it up we had a pretty good day.the weather was perfect, so i better just shut up now later mike

88.5ht,two87s,88.5 spoa,33X12.50,5.12 f&r,rock cage,4.16 T case
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