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swap from 304 to 360

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Hi, I recently had my jeep in the shop and they informed me that there was sand in the engine and that it will need to be bored out. So I am considering putting in a AMC 360, I know someone that will sell me a used one. I am pretty sure it should bolt right up, so my question is, will i need to do any mods to get it in my jeep?? Oh, and will my T-176 4-speed trans be strong enough to handle the increase in power?

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How long have you had the jeep? Does it run rough? I've dumped my jeep in tons of sand/mud, and it's HARD to get sand INTO the engine, unless someone placed it there?? Major stuck?

Personally, I'd get a second opinion before you spend all that money... unless you trust this place 100% just a thought...

Best of luck with your sandy situation!

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i'll answer the 304 to 360 question. the swap is simple. externally the two engines are identical. just over a year ago i did this same swap on mine. just make sure you get the flywheel to go with the 360 as they are not interchangeable

The swap is a direct one and the only thing you will need is a 360 flywheel. You T-176 is plenty strong for the 360, it is actually the same transmission used in the J-10 and J-20 trucks with a 360 motor. I would however make sure the front and rear output bearings are in great shape. It would be best to have them checked and changed(if they need to be) while the motor is out.
The T-176 and T-177 have a history of wearing these bearings out pretty quick.
Just my 2 cents.

I used to have a T-176 in my '86 CJ7...

My theory (at least on the front bearing), is taht actually the oil filler hole, is just a *tiny* bit to low. My input bearing started to whine after about 30 000 miles. It didn't actually fail over the 100 000 miles i used it, but it *was* noisy...

Anyway, i would check / change the bearings, and then try to confirm if the case should be somewhat overfilled....

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