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suspension lift??

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i have a '95 Hardbody 4x4, and i'm wanting to lift it the cheapest way i can so i'm going to crank up the torson bars and put blocks in the rear under the leaf springs but i can't decide wheather to do 2 or 3 inches or if i can do 3", and which would be a smoother ride? any info anyone can give me?
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personally i would not recommend a tortion bar crank
If you want extra lift i would spensd a few bucks and put a body lift on the truck to clear your tires your want
\When i bought my truck someone had a 3 inch tortion bar crank on my truck as far as ride ,........Let's just say if it wasn't for my 33 inch tires i wouldn't have had any suspention at all
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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