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I am a new Jeeper and I would like to get some advice on how to go about modifying my suspension.

My Jeep is a daily driver so it has to run properly on the road, however I would like to get a little more
out of the suspension. I cannot currently afford the OME 2.5" lift that I would like; but that doesn't
mean things won't change in the future. Hence, I would like to run the Jeep on 30" tires with a relatively
stock suspension. As far as I can tell, the major problem with the YJ suspension is that it is so
firmly braced and trussed that it will hardly move; I would like to correct this situation and so I
am seeking input from the users of this board.

Keep in mind that all mods should not only be beneficial in and of themselves, but should also
account for the possible installation of a lift further down the line. I'm thinking that the
swaybar/trackbar issue needs to be addressed as well as perhaps the bump stops.

Any input would be appreciated.



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Don't take this as advice, just some stuff to think about. Take from it what works for you.

Track bars - bye bye
Anti sway bars - disconnects (homemade or store bought)
Mild Shackle Lift - increases droop slightly (make your own out of 3/8" steel)
use a bolt to hold the two plates together. You can lossen the bolts for the trail.
Spring clamps - Bend them up to allow more leaf movement

Make sure brakelines, bumpstops and shocks are not limiting factors.

Make sure your shackle bolts are not too tight.

I drive a narrow track CJ5 with no track bars, no sway bars, no rear bumpstops, modified spring clamps, 1" lift rear shackles, and I ramp 1250.

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if you are only looking to run 30in tires, consider running a 1in body lift and a .5in shackle lift(1 in longer shackle). this will allow the tires to fit with little effect on the suspension. i would ditch the rear trac bar and install sway bar disconnects. the front track bar i would get a telescoping type if you are tring to get as much out of the suspension as possible and keep the bar for the street(personally i would loose the front bar too). do loosen the spring clamps, and run the shackle bolts only snug with a double nut to prevent loosening.

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a shackle reverse system on front will give you about 1.5" lift and you can get longer shackles in the rear to level it out


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what are the street remifications (sp?) of just completely removing the trackbars and sway bars? I have an 87 YJ, which is completely stock and since I'm a college student I can't afford anything right now either.

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Well, as I've no idea what kind of Jeep you have, I'll tell you what worked for me. I have an '89 YJ, and as far as I know, 30/9.50's should fit, stock. If they do rub a little, a small shackle lift should solve that. I made my own 2" longer than stock (6" hole to hole) for about $10.
Also, a shackle reverse will not only provide clearance, but improve your ride many times over. I hear lots of good things about them.
As for the sway bar, it's up to you. I removed mine, and there's really no difference. There's a bit more side to side motion, but not much. But, I have also heard many a story about highway driving a stock vehicle with no sway bar.
Anyway, hope this helped a little.

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