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wats the best but cheaper suspenion lift for a 92 s10 independent front suspenion
4x4 or 4x2? Both utilize an independent front suspension. The 4x2 uses unequal length control arms and the 4x4 uses torsion bars.

Cheap or reliable? Can't really have both.

Stay away from Superlift/Rough Country 2" lifts for the 4x4; they wear parts out like there's no tomorrow!!. Best is the 5" lift kits from either trailmaster or BDS (this is the best one); but they are pricey!!...and don't forget that the IFS is not all that strong, but will take a beating.

I have a stock 1986 Chevy T10 blazer that's only mod is 30" BFG A/T tires and it works great for me!!. But then again, I really couldn't justify spending $1500 or more on a suspension lift. I really don't condone the use of body lifts; my personal opinion is that they suck, yes they give room for larger tires but they do not give any benefit to their use. (waste of money IMO).


BTW - welcome to the forum! and search around, check out my posts I've talked about this on several different occassions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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