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Here is some info from Jim A. of CORVA on some other issues CORVA has been working on.......some of them went to another important meeting instead of the recent DAC meeting. PLEASE HELP SUPPORT CORVA.
The CORVA BOD took the wise lead of our President Ed Waldheim and attended
the Kern Co. Economic Summmitt at the same time in nearby Mojave instead. We
knew we had plently of good OHV representation at the Ridgecrest DAC meeting.
Ed had just given his extensive written comments the DAC the day before.

Ed made a great presentation to Kern Co. on the economic benefits to the of
OHV recreation, history and benefits of the OHV Green Sticker Program.
Paul Kober & I helped unfurl and hold the three extensive maps that gave a
graphic impression to the attenddees of OHV Rec. and of course the immediate
problems that the DAC was presenting in nearby Ridgecrest.

Assemblyman Phil Wyman was very enthusiastic with our presence and
presentation. He decided to have lunch at our table that was much noticed by
the other attendees.
Wyman spoke to us at our CORVA BOD meeting that followed the Summitt that
ended at 2pm. He is very pleased with our efforts and what we are doing. He
asked us to keep the heat on and keep the grass roots efforts up that has
been energizing folks like you and others. Especially our Field Reps. We have
the momenteum going and we need to keep it spinning.

Randy L
CORVA Field Rep - San Diego
California Off Road Vehicle Association
AMA Member
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