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Calmini makes a Full-Traction Shackle reversal that will give 2" of lift. it is a complete kit with rear shackles, and is fully bolt on. I'd go with a buggy leaf in the rear and maybe a .5" or 1" lift shackle. It is supposed to be released on 2/25/00 but they told me to keep in touch since they would take orders a little early. Come monday, when my paycheck hits the bank, I'm giving them a call! They also make a 3" lift spring for Wranglers. I will try to get their extra-long brake lines along with the SR, and buy some new shocks locally. My stock suspension with all trac and sway bars removed already maxes out the shocks and brake lines, and I plan on cutting the spring clips and getting teflon pads installed!

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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