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Super Swamper TSL any good ?

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I'm thinking of getting a set of the super swamper TSl's in the 28-8.50-15 size for my sammy but I thought I might get some opinions here first. I noticed the below comment on Interco's website about this tire and I'm not sure what problems are encountered if not adhered to closely. Anyone here running TSL's that can comment good or bad on them ? All comments are welcome.

(This is an extremely aggressive design that requires strict attention to air pressure when run on the highway.)
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My son has 29 x 9.50 super swampers on his Samurai, it drives really good and goes like crazy off road. Go for it.
Great tires . They were the first set I ever put on a samurai and I was suprised at how well they did . I ran mine at 20 lbs on the highway with no adverse affects .
I have 33x14.5" boogers and I love them. Mine have been siped and they perform great offroad. I drive my Zuk to work everyday and they are very loud on the road. Of course, loud tires lets everyone know you are coming.
If you plan on driving your Zuk for long distances everyday then you may want to get another tire because the boogers wear out pretty fast on the road. Just my 2 cents worth.
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I'm running 31x10.50x15 TSL's and have been for over 2 years. I've gotten really good tread wear out of them and I'm running about 12 PSI in 'em. I don't air them down or anything for off-road and they work great! Make some really greasy stuff a little easier to climb.
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If you're going to run on the street I'd get the radial
version,the bias ply ones tend to "flat spot."Both tires
are very durable on the light weight Samurai.The only
negative aspect is road noise.
I ran the TSL Radial for four years.
Great tire, my only complant was keeping them balanced.
After airing down they tended to get out of balance.
Also make sure you check the actual size before you by.
Some are taller/shorter than other's.
This includes Interco tires, the TSL Radial is smaller than other Interco tires (of the same designated size).
They work great off road, good on the street.
I like the the price especially! I will be running those but a much larger version and mainly off road. For the size you are looking at they are one of the most agressive you'll find... great for all around wheeling.
i run the new tsl ltb's on mine and i love them. the more air thats in them on the street the better and the flatter they are off road the better. i would say a good all around tire if you can put up with the road noise on your daily driver.
I ran 33x12.50 dunlop mud rovers for years drove about 35 miles each way everyday for work and school. loud but supossedly the quietest mud tire out. I was told that the super swamper ssr's where the best all around tire tire for off-roading a daily driver. But I really loved my mud rovers. I even bought them used for real cheap, and never had any problems. They also cleaned very good in the mud and snow.
You didn't tell us what your going to be using your sammy for...daily driver,trail rig, or both. I can assume its a daily driver cuz you want 28" tires. My good friend runs TSLs on his Comanche at first he hated them and actually wanted the Thornbirds he gave me back. On road they are very loud even in a well padded '89 Comanche(which we drove from Nor-cal to Moab 2000+ miles) He had his tires "siped" and the on road traction as well as the on rock traction was alot better. If you are buying the 28" swampers because they are inexpensive and not because you really need them, I would suggest a BFG mud or MTR for a daily driven rig. I ran a BFG AT KO on my zuk for years and love them(there now on my S10 prerunner) I didn't play in mud or snow so big lugs were not needed you might have different needs.

A note on tire pressure...I run about 12-15 psi street pressure and 2-4 psi trail with my 33" Thornturkeys running high pressure with the thick sidewall of a Swamper will give you a "buckboard" ride which is even worse if your running stock springs. MY .02
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So, you're referring to this tire, right?
Super Swamper Radial

That's the radial TSL super swamper. Which one of those applications equates to 28's?

Or, is it this one:
SSR Series
The "SSR Series Radial Super Swamper"?
Probably this one, these aren't radials.

Swamper tsl
Oh right, that would be the non-radial version. But, it sounds like the bias ply is fine on the street too if aired up to 20psi.

How would the Super Swamper you linked too compare to the SSR version? Seems like the SSR would be a better on/off-road compromise, although something tells me it will be more expensive...
The pattern is a bit different along with the price $$$. There are comparisons on the internet somewhere, I can't remember the name of the site though. I am assuming that the compound of rubber differs too and I am not sure of sidewall differences between bias ply and radials, they too might differ.
TSLs have a thicker sidewall along with a deeper tread depth then SSRs. The SSRs where made for street drivin' rigs to have the look of a TSL but the pavement friendly radial design.
No, it's just a pleasure toy. I do drive it on the street some but if I had to guess my percentage for on versus off road, I would say 80% off-road and 20% on-road. The place I ride doesn't realy require a lot of clearance. I'm going where ever I want now at the stock height. I'm just interested in getting a inexpensive aggessive tire that performs great off-road and good on-road. From the comments from everyone so far, it sounds like the TSL non-radial might be just the tire I'm looking for. Thanks everyone.
Give the swamper trxuss (sp.?)MT's a look. A friend has a set on a wrangler and they sure didn't look to be a compromise off-road last time we were out. He is very happy with them and DD's 75 miles a day for school/work.
Well in that case apollo I would get the TSLs...are you sure your not going to do a lift? I first bought 235/75/15 tires for a 2" lift then bought a set of 31" tires when my rig went SPOA and had to step up to 33"s when I went to the Trail Tough YJ spring kit. You won't be wearing out a set of 28" TSLs with only 20% street driving. If you have a lift in mind down the road I wound suggest doing the lift first and buying a set of tires after and saving yourself some money. Once you start this Suzuki build up thing it just gets bigger
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I ran 29 x 10.5 x 15 super swamper TSL SX tires for a long time (2 years ish?). I was ULTRA happy with them! Swampers or any agressiv tire do VERY VERY badly in loose sugar sand. They are an EXCELENT mud tire though! The 29x10.5 is a big 29" tire, a nice 7" rim will work well. They ride LOUD but if you buy them new, flat spots should not be an issue. I've got a worn set of 31x13.5 tsl SX tires on mine now, I needed more flotation/wider tire.

The sx tires are very heavy duty, they don't flex like a car tire at all!!! I've never really run anything besides swampers so I don't know how well/poorly other tires do in different terrains. Down here in FL, we need mud tires

the 29 10.5 sx tires should be ~~ 100 ish to your door or locally. Great tire!! The 29's wore very very well too, seems I have over 70%+ tread left after about 15k miles.
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