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Sunday\'s Report

It's a pretty short story. About 11 miles in or so, right after the second checkpoint I come upto this pretty good sized hill with about 4 bikes laying on their sides at various places on the hill and about 10 bikes lined up at the bottom waiting for it to clear when another rider yells something at me and points at my bike, I look down and my boot is covered with something wet, and my bike is dripping something. I thought for a second and didn't remember any water on the course (it was really dry). My heart skips a beat or so when the realization kicks in. I shut it off, park it on it's side stand, kneel down and find a nice little hole in the left side engine cover right between the front of my engine guard and the baja design left side guard. Now, I'm out in the middle of no-where, wondering how in the h _ _ _ I'm going to get out of there. I just couldn't picture anyone towing me up the hill I was looking at, and there were a couple steep hills behind me too. I checked my dip stick and still had some oil. It only seemed to drip when the bike was running. The hole wasn't in the bottom, just the left size cover. I remember bouncing off a rock I didn't see in a wash and laying her down hard on that side, just before the 2nd check point. Anyway, I had some duct tape. After spending about 45 minutes thinking about it, I couldn't come up with a better idea so I cleaned her the best I could and taped her up. I didn't think it was going to work, or even stick. I rode it to the top of the hill, and to get a good look around trying to find the shortest way back to the staging area. Anyway, I waited for the sweep crew to show me the quickest way back. When I got back I pulled the tape off to show the fellas I was with and the oil just poured out. Not sure how much oil is actually left in the bike but I think the duct tape saved me and the bike from some serious pain, me from a long push and the bike for other reasons. I hate to think what would have happened if that rider hadn't pointed it out. So, that's my Sunday report. More on the repair bill later.

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