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I just picked up an '05 TRX450r. I got it for a pretty good price and am hoping to modify it into a decent desert racing machine. I am looking for suggestions as to what modifications it WILL need and which are just nice touches, etc. In particular, will it need extended A-arms and an extended axle, will wheel spacers work? Do the shocks have to be replaced, or will a revalve work? Steering- do I need an extended stem (I'm 6'1" and it seems a little cramped?) Any suggested pipe/mufflers? I'm thinking the following:

nerf bars/pegs/heel guards
front bumper
skid plates (swingarm, engine, a-arms)
K&N air filter
A-arms ?
axle ?
new shocks ?
extended steering stem or extended clamp/damper ?
handle bars
kill switch
larger tank ?
sprockets/chain ?
aftermarket wheels ?

Thanks for any input.

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As far as motor stuff, Honda has a hop up kit that really wakes these u.

It includes a cam, needle, jets, and air box mods. Bif difference.

They are pretty cheap $350.

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Suspension work. Living in AZ there should be lots of options for you. We use Elka shocks with Laegers a arms on our desert bike. Allen White from Precision Concepts set up the shocks. Suspension should give you the most bang for your buck and most noticable improvements when your ride or race depending on what you do. If its a dune bike, motor work.........

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Exhausts for TRX450R

Exhaust systems are one of the best ways to increase performance quickly on the Honda TRX450R. We sell a few different name brands, but HMF Exhausts have always been our best seller.

They have color and system combinations that will get you power you need while matching your machine.

We make deals on RPO too, so most of the products we sell we can negotiate pricing with Free Shipping.

Check out our Honda TRX450R page
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