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Hi, just want to share some knowledge for those of you who want the overhead console on the Sport but don't want to pay for other options in the Std. Option Packages....or who want to retrofit a KJ Sport with an EVIC. Though, before you do anything, Make SURE that your BCM supports an EVIC. if you have steering-wheel radio controls, auto-door locks, etc, your BCM probably supports an EVIC. If in doubt, check with your dealer's service dept. (though they may not be very helpful). Read the guides below.

General EVIC guide:

KJ Specific and Install guide:

These are "known-good" links as of Nov. 29, 2003. You may want to download now for future reference. I used these guides for succesfully installing an EVIC on my KJ.

My experience: I obtained my EVIC with the connectors via Ebay ($175). Though, I have seen them go for $125 at local junkyards, but they are not so easy to find. I got a little impatient looking for one, so I just decided to pay up and get one via the web. New Ones from the dealer go from $400+.

Sources of EVICS are Jeeps-GC, Chrysler 300M, Chrysler LHS, Chrysler Concorde,Dodge Intrepid, and of course other KJ's. Usually 99 and later models (+2002-KJ's). There are two types of consoles OTIS and EVIC. EVIC is the up-market version, so try to get this one if possible (display looks nicer+ more features).Though, wherever you get your EVIC, be sure to get the connectors for the EVIC as they are impossible to find seperately and you cannot install the EVIC without them.

You will also need the ambient temperature sensor for the KJ. This is about $30-40 at most dealers. I cheated and pulled the ambient temp sensor from a '93 Chrylser mini-van at a local junkyard: $2!!! I am sure sensors from most late model Chrysler vehicles will work. Though, the connectors are different, so MAKE SURE you get the sensor and the female connector if you get it from another Chrysler (non-KJ) vehicle. I spliced the female, minivan connector into the KJ sensor connector harness and it worked fine!!

Total install took me about two hours. Tools/materials used were:

1. wire cutter/stripper
2. soldering iron/rosin core solder (optional)
3. electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing
4. Torx screws to remove front grill and DS, A-Pillar cover.
5. phillips & flat screw-drivers
6. exacto knife to cut headliner
7. wire ties (optional)
8. volt-meter (or circuit tester) to find ignition-controlled power source
9. Patience (you cannot rush this install if you want a professional-looking and safe set-up).

The scariest part is cutting the headliner, but don't fret! Things will turn out fine. Just make sure you trace the EVIC pattern on your headliner ( with white chalk or soapstone) and then cut around about one inch inside the pattern line. You can then brush off the chalk/soapstone marks when finished. Don't use a Pencil/Pen as the line will be difficult to erase and may not be covered by the EVIC module (depending on how you draw it).

After installing the EVIC, I followed my owner's manual to calibrate the compass. My EVIC has Homelink, so I also programmed it to open my garage door.

Overall, the install was easier than I thought. The Compass and Ambient Temperature Displays are very handy for navigating or knowing when the roads may start getting icy. My EVIC also has Instant MPG, TRIP Odometer, Miles to Empty, Next Service. It controls the auto/door-lock settings, headlight auto on/off timers, door-ajar display, and a bunch of other neat stuff. Some EVICS have tire temps sensor capability...but you will need the individual tire sensors (about $40 ea. new...or find used on Ebay or at a junkyard).

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Where is a good place to find used EVICs? I've been to alot of websites that recommend ebay, yet I haven't found ANY on ebay.

I just bought a 2004 KJ, and I'd love to have the overhead console... with the the tire pressure sensors too.

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Also, I'm assuming that the big hole needed in the headliner is so the "guts" of the EVIC can fit?

Just curious...

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Re: Overhead EVIC Console on KJ Sport-Sources

As of 12/01/03, 3:35pm,PST. Ebay currently has a listing for a black-colored OTIS. Item number: 2445961604 with five days left on the bid. This is NOT MY ITEM. I just did a courtesy search to help you out.

Failing, this, try a local junkyard and search for any of the listed cars mentioned in the orginal posting(above). As mentioned, I found mine through EBAY; and I bought it from this guy name John at: [email protected]

The first one he sent me was a dud, but after some vigorous complaining on my part, he exchanged it for another one that worked fine and was in Excellent Condition. You may send John an email as he sells and posts regularly on EBAY. Also, search Ebay not only for Jeeps, but for any of the listed cars which may carry an EVIC/OTIS.

There is a "Jeep Only" wrecking yard in Sacramento California that is selling some EVICS for $125 including the ambient temp. sensor. Though, I cannot vouch for the color or condition. Sorry, I don't have the telephone number handy...get a Sacrmento. Cal. yellow pages at your local library and get the number. I am not sure if an internet search will show it..but worth a try on your part. Or you may look in the "parting-out" automobile section of your local paper and see if you find any Jeeps-GC 96 and up that may have the EVIC. It will be a search, but I think if you are patient, you will eventually find one. Or pay $400+ at a Jeep dealer...FYI: dealer labor for install is about $300 and they will most likely cry and moan about how complicated it is etc. They will also try to sell you a new headliner and tell you that your original headliner will not support an EVIC....this is b.s. Don't Believe it! It is actually not complicated and very simple to install yourself with some basic tools. My total cost was about $185 for purchase/shipping and self-install.

The EVIC and OTIS are hot items and they sell fast. Most buyers are owners of other Chrysler cars wanting to retrofit them. Best of Luck!!!

p.s. and yes, the hole is needed for the "guts" to fit into the headliner. don't worry, the plastic holder holding up the current courtesy lamps will acccomodate the EVIC. Just position the EVIC retaining clips into that box and trace around it the entire EVIC outline. Be sure to cut the hole smaller than the outline you drew. You can always trim it later as needed. There is a screw-hole in the rear of the plastic holder, so definitely don't cut beyond that!!

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EVIC Wiring Harness

Just throwing this out there...

Are there any sources for the kind of plugs needed to fully integrate the EVIC w/o splicing wires? Not that I'm afraid or havent spliced wires in the past, I was just wondering if there was a way to make it look "factory".

Another question is... how is the EVIC wired into the DataLink Connector on a factory installed EVIC vehicle?


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Re: EVIC Wiring Harness

Regarding getting a "Factory" look, if you install the EVIC properly, IT WILL look like a factory original install. I will try to get some pics on my istall and post them soon. 100% Perfect!

The issue with the wiring is slightly different in that unless you have the Factory wiring harness with the EVIC plugs, connectors, etc, you will have to splice the wires. The Factory wiring harness that has the EVIC plugs is expensive ($300) and connects to a bunch of other stuff throughout the car; so you will have to do major electrical work to swap your current harness with the factory harness. This really is not worth the effort even if you can source the Factory harness from a salvage yard.

Though, if you really, really want the Factory harness for some insane reason, you can probaly adapt one from one of the other Dodge vehicles. One of the EVIC guides linked to this thread (see initial post) has some suggestions about which Dodge vehicle is slightly compatible with the KJ harness. In any case, this would only give you the "unspliced" connectors to the EVIC. You will still need to splice them into the datalink port. Note that it is possible to get a professional looking connection to the KJ harness: just buy a bunch of connectors and instead of splicing wires, just use an appropriate male/female connector set for the hook-up to your KJ's electrical systems. Also, the datalink port was chosen because it was convenient, you can find some other circuit to do the electrical hook-up. Though, unless you are an Automotive Electrical Expert, this is not recommended as you might inadvertantly tap into a circuit that connects to your Airbags, ABS, or some other critical safety device.

Another option is to take the vehicle to your dealer and have them charge you $1000 for parts and labor so that you get an "Original" install with warranty, etc. However, if you have that much money to spend, send some my way as it is getting near X-mas time

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Re: EVIC Wiring Harness

Nope, don't have an extra grand, unfortunately... but I think I might try and find the connectors etc... etc...
maybe even a KJ electrical schematic.

Thanks for you help. I'll let you know if I find anything...


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Re: EVIC Wiring Harness

you can get the factory repair manual from Chrysler for about $100. The wiring diagrams are there.

Another easy aleternative to reduce splicing into the factory harness is to get the matching plug for the datalink. You would then just connect your "home-made" harness to the connector. That way, you just plug it in to the datalink...disconnecting momentarily whenever you want to actually plug into the datalink for diagnostic work. However, you will still have to tap into an ignition activated circuit for power.

A general suggestion: don't waste your time or money making things too complicated for yourself. Doing "Factory" finish modifications are too expensive as you will never achieve the economies of scale that exist in modern production facilities. Your savings will come from your labor and sourcing discounted parts. For instance the luxury package which includes an EVIC, power/heated seats,luxury trim, skid-plate group, tow-group, etc. is only about 2K. A complete dealer install for an individual EVIC unit is about $800-$1K. Anyway, best of luck...
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