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If you are really into hunting and shooting, we have a special something sold in tiny boxes which could really intrigue you. Check out our hunting inspired automotive replacement antenna masts made by AmmoTenna. They are designed in a form of bullets and hunting arrows, made out of 6061 billet aluminum for amazing like-real look and come in 5 sizes: . 50cal, .30cal, 7.62mm, Short Arrow and Long Arrow. Each mast comes in a wide range of finishes: brass, billet, carbon fiber, gun metal, anodized black. Custom popular designs like muddy girls, wildfire, kryptek, digital camo, the US flag and more, are also available.

We bet that no one would risk to steal it from your truck! View the selection of AmmoTenna antennas by clicking on the pictures below:

Which bullet or arrow type would you choose for you Jeep?
* .50cal;
* .30cal;
* 7.62mm;
* Short Arrow;
* Long Arrow;

Have Questions? Need a Quote? Feel free to contact us any time, we are available 24/7.
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