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Stupid shift boot

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I recently had some work done on my transmission and afterwards, the shifter felt different and never wanted to go into gear easily (I would normally take it back to be fixed right, but I've had it back three times, it's not going back again...)... I finally took the shift boot off and found out the the 'other' boot under the rubber boot was installed wrong (I can't believe they didnt notice the first time back).. Does anyone know of a source for this 'inner shift boot'...It's for a 94 YJ Sahara... I'll probably have to go to the dealer, oh well /wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif


1994 YJ Sahara
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They weren't called AAMCO transmissions were they? They didn't even screw my shifter boot back onto the floor until I took it back the 3rd time. Anyway, when my shifter boot got a tear and I wanted to replace it, the only places I could buy one was from a junk yard or the Jeep dealer.

88 YJ w/ multi-speed wipers
It was $22 from the dealer for my 95 Wrangler. The hard part was getting the shift levers off of the stubs.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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