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I have owned a mint texas Suzuki Samari for about 2 years. It has been faultless. I gave it to my brother in law and on his first trip the t-case siezed, we are both gear heads but never 4x4's. We have searched this site and it sounds like a 'Shifter Sheet'. But we cannot determine where this is or how to get to it.

Do we have to remove the t-case to get at this shifter sheet?

Is there a web site that goes over this or can someone please walk us through it?

Last question what would a stock rust free 88 Suzuki Samari with 100K miles be worth?


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All that you need to do to get at the shifter sheet is take off the outer boot and the inner boot, this can be accomplished from the cab of the SAMURAI. It sits just inside the top. I think there is a write up here in the tech section and also on the IZOOK website. As for the value check out Kelly Blue Book.
Hope this helps,


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Do we have to remove t-case to get at shifter sheet? NO.

Is there a web site that goes over this? I do not know?

Can someone please walk us through it? I can only tell you
what I did on mine it was very easy fix about two hours
includes manufacturing sheet part.

What stock rust free 88 Suzuki Samari 100K miles be worth?
I'm not sure you can check book price on net.
Hardtop AC stock sam to me is worth small fortune but have no idea what real market value is.

Why is my t-case selector popping out of position(or stuck)
Because the "sheet" (as Suzuki names it, a piece that guides the transfer case shifter) in the transfer case has worn out. Order a new one and replace it.
The part number is 29541-80051.

shifter sheet is plastic washer like looking part rides below shift lever bulb where it severs as support guide.

Repair remove t-case rubber boot twist lever guide ccw
while pushing down this will free shift level remove ****er
next remove shifter sheet or whatever is left of it most-
likely pieces plastic after clean out install new shifter sheet and re-assemble unit. I also believe there spring
like washer goes back in just re-assemble as it came out.

As for shifter sheet part made my own hacksawed 1.25 PVC
pipe fitting bevel end which matched up perfect for shifter
to ride on used PVC make superior part as really not into
doing this again rather disliked suprise of not being able
shift. When gott'a shift just gott's shift...

Cut up three PVC fitting before got one that i liked.


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Here is what it looks like. Just remove the transfer case shifter rubber boot inside the cab. Then remove the smaller rubber boot on top of the transfer case. Then push down and twist counter clockwise on the sheet metal cap (shown in picture) about 1/4 turn. Pull out the shifter shaft and look for or replace the Shifter Sheet (shown in the picture and looks like a large rubber washer).
Hope this helps.

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The same thing happened to me. I got a teflon bushing or washer off the net for $20.00. Kinna expensive, but they guanteed it for life. Shifting is no different, maybe a litttttttle smoother... The old stock one was completly gone! It is kind of anoying to get that weird clasp out of the x-fer case, I had to use 2 large flat head screw drivers. It is not hard at all..


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