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My sons Kasea 90 was taken from us Tuesday, February 19th. I am just trying to get the word out if by chance anyone comes across it. It was stolen in Glendale, CA.

2002 Kasea Skyhawk 90 ATV Blue
VIN # RFRSM09372M004539

Also taken,

1999 VOR/Vertemati 503e Enduro Model w/ street tires and signal. Black no graphics.
VIN # ZF8492002XR00911
ENG # V50300363

and a

New looking Motorcycle Trailer (Black) with aluminum diamond plate surface and a broken driver side taillight.
Cal. Plate # 4EJ6319
VIN # LCAUS05162T001637

Please call Joe at 818.326.2630 or your local law inforcement if you come across any of these vehicals.

Thanks everyone, but man...what a drag.

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Thanks for the "heads up" on this one.

I can feel your pain!!! When I was much younger, I saved every dime & nickel to purchase brand new tools for my father's shop. We had grinders, welders, vises, band saws, drills, etc. etc. One day while everyone was out, someone pushed in the wooden shop door and took everything. And I mean everything!! To somone else, these items were only physical objects. To me, it was the means for me to happily work at my future welding & mechanical career. At that time, these items were my life and my future dreams. Life hasn't been the same since that happened to our family.

To spread the word, you may want to post simular "keep your eyes open" postings within:


To ensure each of us don't fall into the same fait as you, can you tell us how they did it. For example, broke into your shop, broke into your gargage, etc. Also, what you recommend we do to stop it from happening to us.


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