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Stock carb mod's

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Stock carb mod\'s

The following are a couple of old posts by Shawn~
BULL!!! I run one of my modified carbs and so does my ole' lady! The only wires I have hooked up are the fuel shutoff and the vacumn switch for the secondary. I removed the mixture solonoid(internal) and plugged the ports with JB- weld(don't let the excess go anywhere but in the ports, the excess will plug the jets). Then I enlarged the primary jet with a fishook (gauge will have to be at a later post) cut off to a chisel point. The tangs on the secondary vac microswitch were bent to have the switch closed about 7/8ths throttle. It is a monster! I've been running it for two years and have over 70K miles on it. I installed my hi-rise intake a few months ago and that improved the secondary opening greatly. If anyone wants me to go into more detail, or has any other questions, please ask. Everyone wants to swap carbs when the one that is on it is great, as long as it is not controlled by the ECM. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I removed the metering rod(computer activated), sealed up the ports where it went, increased the size of my primary jet a little, then wired the secondary vac microswitch and fuel shutoff solonoid together. I then bent the microswitch linkage a little to get the microswitch to open about 3/4 to 7/8ths throttle. Blocked off the bowl vent solonoid and just left the vent into the air horn. The only vac passage I use now is for the distributor. All other vac ports are closed or blocked. No EGR, No decel valve, No HIC. The only thing you really need to play with is the amopunt of bend in the tangs of the secondary microswitch linkage. It's a monster!
I've been trying to get ahold of him as I would like to try to do these mods to my own carb . Has any one else tried this?? I'm hoping he gets "IN TOUCH" so I can perhaps get in to better detail as to what he did. Sounds intresting though!!!!
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Re: Stock carb mod\'s

Well there's one thing for sure I'm not going to say your wrong on this , If any one knows carbs you do. However I can't put the money into a new carb at this time and am hoping that we can do the mods and straighten out my stocker. It will be grate if it works out as we will no longer have all that "STUFF" hooked up to the carb. Am hoping to take pictures and do a right up as we do it along with help from Shawn. Will make a post at a later date on this.
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