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Has anyone seen the stock 4 coil suspension on the late model Sams produced everywhere else in the world?

I have taken a liking to the A-arm/ball joint control arm set up on the Sidekick Sport rear end. It has an a-arm mouted to a cross member of the frame ending at a ball joint mounted atop the rear pumpkin. Am thinking about utilizing that idea with a 90% bolt on 4 coil setup for the Samurai. The idea will require a 3 inch bod lift to accomodate a replacement cross member where the stock body mounts are located just above and forward of the rear axle. The other two control arms would mount to the stock spring hangers.

Also thinking of raising the gas tank to the bed and pulling the rear axle back 3 inches, and pushing the front axle ahead 1 inch. This requires minimal body cutting and allows me to keep the stock look of the body design, lines, and curves. I like my Zuki as cosmetically stock as I can keep it, I don't want to turn it into a Jeep flatfender.

Anybody work on something similar with any ideas or experienced designs?

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I rented a 1999 zuk hardtop in Belize that had coils all the way around and limited slip.
It was a blast to drive but it was a gas hog. The zuk probably got about 14 MPG at the
most. Since they only have two major paved roads these rentals often see alot of
rough country as this one did with me. Its ride was excellent to say the least.

I also saw a few 2000 jimny's, they have coils all around and are smaller than a zuk.

I do not know if they still make zuks or if they were replaced by the new jimny.

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