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took it out on dirt road and started acting up again. wanting to die at idle.
i took apart the venturi cluster and cleaned the idle tubes for the second time.
there was a grain of sand stuck in one of them. this was last weekend. drove it a couple times during the week on pavement and it idled fine. hit the dirt and it faultered.
i will have to inspect the idle tubes again. maybe some dirt got thtough the old fuel filter before i changed it.
don't suppose anyone else is having this problem?
i still believe the vibration of the rough road is causing this.
don't see how though!
any input?
i'll fix this bastur##### yet!

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Those damn BBD's have minds of there own! I have to tinker with mine monthly! Maybe its time to clean out the venturi's again. Damn I have to get EFI soon!
Good luck with yours......Herbie


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Yeah- Carter BBDs are extremely sensative to the elements. You MUST have all the gaskets in place and a very good air filter to keep them running. If the gasket from the air-box to the top of the carb is missing, an old oil-filter gasket will work, or you can get some gasket material in a roll and cut out your own. If you haven't rebuilt your carb yet- go get the kit and do it. You will learn tons about your carb. You two will get really intimate, you'll feel violated, you'll put it back together with a bunch of new parts and she'll run great. Put a new fuel filter and air-filter (or re-charge you K&N if it needs it) to keep out the contaminets. Buy a bucket of carb cleaner to soak stuff in- you can re-use this solution next time you rebuild the carb (if you haven't replaced it by then) and a spray-can of carb cleaner (to use on the trail.)
I really hope this helps. If you want another BBD I've got one as a door-stop around here somewhere...

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