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trannies,carbs,intakes,computers,87 tub,(2) 86 front clips,tailgates,windshield frame, all or part prefer to sell or swap locally , i changed drivetrain and just don't need this stuff. also have bestop softop in 90% perfect condition. call me with offers (800)656-7919
what i will swap for: t-case gears, big super swampers 35" to 38",NO THORNBIRDS PLEASE! better axles(ttoy p/u, cruiser,dana 44's)

87 sammy project in the works. getting chevy luv motor/ato tranny this week. lots o mods coming soon. i'll pst pics on em.

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hiya bill. Hows the LUV motor? hope it goes well.

Do you have a pic of the soft top? whats teh matter with it? i live in newton ks. my removable HT is just gettin too heavy, and teh connections are comin loose, so i need a top whilst i found out how to fix my HT. How much would ya take for it? thx Bill

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