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I couldn't get my stepper motor to push the pins in to the full rich position because nothing else was hooked up so the motor wouldn't opperate.
What I did was , remove stepper motor, get rid of small spring, pull plunger out with pliers, remove the 2 pins from stepper motor, put the pins back into thier holes, give them a couple of light taps with a punch to seat them, get a 1/4-20 x 1/2 in. self-tapping hex bolt and a flat washer, screw the bolt and washer into the hole between the 2 pins, go slow and tighten up the bolt till the washer just touches the back of the pins, be carefull not to strip the threads, cut the plunger shaft in back of the disc with a dremel or a hack saw, re-install the stepper motor.
What this does is, it insures that the pins are in the full rich position and that they stay there. By putting the stepper motor back on you keep dirt and water from getting in the carb and it will also fool the emission cops.
The Carter BBD is not that bad of a carb if,
1- the throttle shaft bushings are not worn out
2- it is kept clean
3- the stepper motor is disabled
4- the idle tubes are drilled out
I am really liking how my BBD is working now.
Works For Me , CTjeepnut


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I thought about doing this. My engine is stock and my stepper motor wasn't moving the metering pins at all. I ended up buying a "new" remanufactured replacement from Autozone and it had a new stepper motor on it. It cost $143. I also bought a new O2 sensor. Now the pins move back and forth and it runs better than I can ever remember! I'm happy.


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Just for grins, try hooking up a digital voltmeter to the O2 sensor and monitor the voltage over the operating range. The following voltages indicate the rich/Lean status of the air/fuel:

< .4vdc - running lean
.4-.6vdc - good air to fuel mixture
> .6 vdc - running rich

My concern would be if it ran consistantly in the rich range...burns more fuel and makes the cat converter work harder...too lean, and the cylinder walls run hotter, thus reducing the life of the engine...

My engine ran better with the HEI, however, it caused the servo to not work....right now, I have my Duraspark back on...this weekend I'm going to run some wire from the O2 sensor to a DVM and take some readings over the operating range of the engine.....then I'm going back to the HEI and record the same info....

But then, I was rich...I would just put on the Mopar FI setup and not worry about it.

John......southern CA
84CJ7, 3"lift, 32"BFG, 4.10's, ARB Locker, Solid Axle's, Durabak

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Let me know what you find out when you check that stuff this weekend, I've noticed my stepper motor tends to 1)either make the mix lean with the HEI or 2)the plugs are a bit too hot and I need a cooler heat range because they are a tad lean (white).

Sully, '84 CJ7 258 w/HEI

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