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Stepper disconnected and GM HEI?

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I have given up on getting my computer and Carter BBD working for now. I am going to disconnect the stepper and tune the carb and install the HEI. Will this work well? Is there anything that "has" to be hooked up for this setup to work? What vacuum source do I use for the HEI?


85 CJ7-4.2L,T-176,D300,2.5" lift,32"BFG MT,Durabak,York-Air,HEI?
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Happy New Year!

85 CJ7-4.2L,T-176,D300,2.5" lift,32"BFG MT,Durabak,York-Air,HEI?
/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif Er....ah sure....what ever you say..../wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif I'll go along with that!/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif

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Anyone done this? Is this the same as Nutter Bypass?

85 CJ7-4.2L,T-176,D300,2.5" lift,32"BFG MT,Durabak,York-Air,HEI?
Hey I've done this- and then I bought a Weber 38deg carb only to realize that that ARE mixture screws on my Carter when I pulled it out. You use the same vacume hose that went from the Carter to the Distributor. If you dont find any vacume hose than you've discovered the source of your problems. The mixture screws are on the front of the Carter, at the bottom. The best improvement you can make to your Carter (besides replacing it) is to pull it off and clean all the crap out of it, let it soak in carb cleaner for a couple hours, pull it out and take some spray carb cleaner and get all those tiny little hole you never knew were there.... Then make sure no more dirt can get inside of it. This means a K&N airfilter and be sure that the gasket between the airbox cover and the carb is there- if its not an old oil-filter gasket will work. Then Start saving up for a Weber. I swear, my 400cfm carb and the HEI combo is amazing and I can even GAIN speed in 5th gear (slowly, very slowly, but it happens!) Best of all I can idle again, and throttle response is unbelievable. You have to get used to that light pedal or you'll be seeing 4500rpms in no time at all. I can do doughnuts into 3rd gear.... By the way, I'm also using a Centerforce Stage 2 clutch to pass all this power along to my stock AX-15 tranny.

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Adding the HEI basically bypasses the electrical portion of the Nutter Bypass.

FYI for anyone interested....
When I had my 258 setup with the Howell TBI and HEI, I swear it performed as well as the 4.0 in my brand new 2000 TJ. Sure, the TJ isnt broken in yet but I would have thought we were talking light years difference.... it isnt!


85 CJ7, 350TBI ,T19 4spd
'00 TJ Sport, NV3550 5spd, D44, Teraflex system
Okay Thanks Guys....

Hopefully this will work for a while until I come up with a Carter alternative.

85 CJ7-4.2L,T-176,D300,2.5" lift,32"BFG MT,Durabak,York-Air,HEI?
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