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Ever since I lifted my 1979 CJ-7 with a 3 in. Black Diamond spring under my Jeep handles real bad. I replaced the
steering box and pump with AGR and that help a little. Had the front end alined, mostly toe in. The Jeep has 33.BFG
mud tires. Its real sinsitive and when it darts one way I have to REALLY be carefull how I corect or I could dart the
other way out of control. One guy told me it was the caster and I should put tapered shims under the front axle. Any
help w;ould be greatly appreciated. Right now I have a death grip on the steering wheel. I know a shackel reversal
would help but even without it I think it should handle better than it does.

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This is probably a long shot in your case, but I recently had a steering problem on my stock suspension 85 CJ7. After turning a corner the jeep would keep pulling in the direction of the turn and as I applied opposite pressure on the steering wheel it would suddenly dart the other direction. It turned out to be a frozen (as is rusted) u-joint on the left front axle.

As I said it is probably not this in your case but it won't hurt to check it out.

Good luck

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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