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steering gear question?

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i have a 83 cj7 w/power steering. the old steering gear is leaking and the adjuster looks to be almost all the way down. my question is what kind of steering gear will bolt right up. will a chevy or a full size jeeps work? or can my gear box be rebuilt. a new gear box from agr is $250! i would like to do it for a little cheaper than that:)

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Hey Tyler, I kicked the AGR idea around and decided it was just to much $$ also. I ended up getting a '74 camaro box at NAPA for 130 smackers. I'm not sure but I think CJ's after '79 have the fittings that aren't flared (what ever you call those) but I think 4WD Hardware can fix you up with some conversion parts. The box I got is a variable ratio and they had two different ratios, a quicker one for the Z28. I went with the slower one. If I had the thing on the road and trail I'd tell you how it works but so far It's held up great in the garage./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif HTH

'78 CJ7,304,T18 w/ 6.32,locked 30,open 20,4" Skyjacker,33" TSL,4WDHardware glass body,Matkins frame, almost done.
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