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OK, well, I'm new here (relatively), so here goes. I'm not having much luck getting this question answered on the mailing list. Anyway, an intro. I'm 24, male, and I live in Tampa, Florida. I've been carpooling to work with my girlfriend for about 5 months, we both work downtown. Recently my office decided to move, so out of necessity I'd need a car. Well, not really, I own a 95 Ford Taurus, but I told her she could drive it. I was faced with a choice, buy a fix-er-upper or lay the same money down on a new car. A buddy had a 1974 Jeep CJ-5 that wasn't in the best of conditions, but he said he'd sell it for $750.00 bux and help me with repairs. What the hell. I bought it, only saw it once and never heard it run. But he's a good friend, I trusted him. I bought it cash. Picked it (had it towed), and the vehicle started on the first try afer 8 months of storage in the open. Took her home, cleaned out the 1 and a half inches of old leaves and dirt and started assessing the situation. Clearly there was much work to be done. However, the lack of a car payment means that I can spend that money on this Jeep. No problem. That was in November. Since then I have replaced the gas tank, redone all the brakes and brake lines, ground out all the rust and temporarily put some real good rust resistance paint on till I get a new tub. I've rewired the engine from front to back with a Centech Harness (a subject for another post, Awesome harness) and put a new besttop seat in the jeep. On Sunday, the Jeep will become my daily driver to and from work and where ever else I need to go. The truck is mechanically sound, just needs aesthetics from here on out. During my repairs I've run into 2 problems.

1) Whoever owned the Jeep before me put in a steering column from a newer model Jeep, 76 and up. This is obvious because a 74 had the ignition switch on the dash and my Jeep has a column mounted ignition switch. This worked out really well because the only harnesses I could find were made for Jeeps after 76 with ignition on the column. The part of the column inside the engine compartent is ok, it is almost rubbing a portion of the frame, but doesn't look like it just yet. The column has custom mount to the dashboard on the cab side. My question is this: The column is obviously too long for my Jeep because it's hard to get in and get out and when I do get it, the steering wheel is almost in my gut. If I gain 5 pounds I won't be able to drive this thing! So I know this will diminish as I break in my new seat, and I know I'll be getting a steering wheel (a grant) with a smaller diameter so I'll have a little more room. But I think I'm going to go to a column shop and get a 76 or newer column with tilt also. That way I'll have a little extra room getting in and out. Do you think I could cut 6 inches off the column? I mean, it's basically a hollow tube at some point, so couldn't I just shorten it a little bit? Any thoughts? Anyone tried this?

2) There is no emergency brake on the vehicle. I can see where the brake used to be, on the drivers side, firewall area. Anyone know where I could find the pedal and release assemblies and any and all lines? I'm assuming the lines would run directly to the rear drum brake, but I'm not sure. I can't find this part anywhere and I'd really like an emergency brake. not that I really need it, but I'd like to leave the Jeep running at times while I run in for a soda and I can't do that right now. The jeep must always (obviously) be parked in gear to stop it from rolling away.

Thanks for all the help, in advance. And I like the lively discussion on this BBS. Takes me back to the old days with the "web" didn't exist and I was on an Apple ][E at 300 baud watching one letter at a time come on the screen. Ahh.. the good ole days! I'd wait for hours to connect to a BBS just read a reply at some slow speed. I remember getting that awesome 1200 bps modem and being the $hit on the BBS scene...

Anyways, sure appreciate your replies.

Tampa, FL 74 CJ-5


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I have a spare E-brake assembly, minus the cable, you can have for the cost of shipping. It should bolt on. I went to dual E-brakes (which you might consider, it's easy and cheap), then a locker, so I don't need it. I had a few spares from jeeps anyway. Sorry I can't help you with the column.

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Excuse my ignorance in this matter. How would I do dual emergency brakes? And what's a locker? I'm kinda new to the 4x4 scene and I'm sort of peicing this all together as I go. If there were an acceptable remedy besides the stock emergency brakes, I'd probably go with it. Money's not really an obstacle right now. I mean, I'm not dropping a thousand bucks on an emergency brake system, but I'd like to know what alternatives there are.

In either case I'd be happy to pay shipping on that part for now. let me know what the dimensions are and I'll send you a check for the shipping costs.

Email me at "[email protected]" with your name and address and stuff and I'll get an estimate on the shipping. Thanks for the help!

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