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Steering Brace

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Does anyone know a place to get some plans for making a steering box
brace or just some cheaper ways of doing it????? Its for a 1979 CJ-7
with power steering. The after market ones seems like a lot of money
for whats there.

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I made one by using an old drag link from a Scout that had bent into a U. I cut the ends off, welded one end to a piece of 1/4" x 3" angle and bolted it to the frame. Then I notched the steering box a little so a large muffler clamp would fit and not slip off. Then I welded the clamp to the other end of the drag link. It works, is out of the way, and cost me about $5. I hope this helps.

FYI - For those of you wondering if this is a stupid mod... I have a front locker, power steering an 33's. I had the steering box rip completely off the frame about 5 miles off-road in the mountains with a winter storm approaching. This is not something you want to have happen to you, trust me - it is not fun. If I had not had a winch (chained up box and then wrapped the winch cable around and pulled it tight which pretzled everything up there but got me home...), I would still be there. Get the brace (or make one) and gusset the stock brackets well and replace all of the bolts with good grade 8 stuff. It's an area that goes un-noticed until the nightmare starts... - Chuck

Chuck Hadley
JC Whitney has one for about $39.00. Works good and installs easy. That's the best price I've seen on them, but it's worth the money.

Keep on Jeepin'
we use a small block chevy connecting rod, a piece of square tubing, and a piece of flat plate. simple, cheap, and effective.

build 'em don't buy 'em
why is there no mazda thread?
I feel left out.:p
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