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Was wondering where the adj.for the steering is located.
(The screw inside the hole on the frame frame plate)

Also the procedures are for this?
I have a factory manual, but it tells me that I first must remove the box from the bracket...........
Laymans terms please?

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Do you have man or power steering?
Manual steering will require a screwdriver and a socket, p/s requires an allen wrench and a socket.

The book says to adjust the a bunch of things before you adjust the steering, but most guys that I've talked to ignore that. Take your socket, and loosen the nut that is around the adjuster on top of the steering box (right below the hole in the metal plate between the grille and bumper). Next, turn the adjuster (with either the screwdriver or allen wrench) 1/4 turn tighter. Try your steering. You keep tightening the adjuster until the steering wheel moves less than 1" before the wheels move. Do not tighten all the slack out of the box. That will damage things inside it. Leave a little slack in the steering. Then tighten the outside nut back up. You may have to hold the adjustment screw and tighten the nut with a wrench so you don't crank the adjuster in any further. That's it. For ease of watching the tires, park on a hard surface so you can see the movement. Remember...don't overtighten the adjuster. Leave 1" of slack in the steering wheel.

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