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steel doors

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Have a chance to get full steel doors from a J-10 military aircraft tug. Will they fit my 95 Wrangler?

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i think you mean cj-10 don't you? j-10 definitely won't fit but don't know about a cj-10.

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If it is a CJ-10, it looks like it should. As long as it has the '82 and up door latch. The J-10 is a pickup and the doors are not made for easy removal, like the CJ's and Wranglers, it is like a regular car door.
Here is picture to maybe help you . . .
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from that pic, it looks like the back of the door is straight all the way up... if thats the case, they will not fit..

it's sort of still a cj thingy....see it at
Good point Elusive-- I kinda thought the same thing at first, but why would they make a different door? These were made in the early 80's so my hypothesis was that they would use the same CJ-style door. Then again these were manufactured by AM General and not AMC so maybe . . .
Chase Jeep 7 (cj-7) heaven baby

If you look at the back side (facing the rear of the Jeep) of the doors for CJ and Wrangler they are curved. Also right above the paddle lock they are curved once again.

Don't think so.

Thanks for the help. The "jeep" (if you can call it that) has doors that look like CJ/Wrangler steel doors, including the curve on the back side of the door. The picture you included looks the one I can get the doors off of, from the cab forward anyways. In one of the recent issues of JP there is a former J-10 (cj-10?) looks like yours. It's blue with black tiger stripes and a custom bed on it.

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