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Well I have a total of 9k on my truck and about 8500 on the 265 75 r 16's dunlops and I am down to the wear bars. Actually only on the rears
The spare and the fronts look like new. So let that be a lesson to all you kids out there. Dont do dougnuts with 900# of cinderblocks behind your rear axle. Its detrimental to tire life
I might see if I can get a treadlife warantee outa em just for giggles

Now I'm thinking of some 255 85's.

Before anyone says it I know I'm
A major waste of $$$ and I have learned my lesson.....well probably learned my lesson

I also Got 2 tickets and got into an accident this weekend. Its been pretty eventfull weekend, I also according to a cop almost insited a riot. Went by a bar and gave it about 50% trottle and evidently the natives didnt like it, I was just passing a car so I could get in front of em and make a turn. Cops in the parking lot said I almost started a riot and gave me a ticet for passing in the right lane(evidently you can only pass in the left lane) and a fix or repair ticket for loud exhaust so I had to put a muffler back on
A tempo also rear ended me. She ate my hitch and lost her hood radiator and grill and had to go home on a just scratched my hitch and didnt even make it to the bumper. Most entertaining part was it was my ins mans daughter.

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I would definitely try and get the treadlife warranty to cover them. Thats what its for, right?

If they don't cover them, why not just get 2 new ones for the rear, and wait until 4 are bald before you get a new set? Just rotate front to back after each smokey burnout, and they should wear evenly

The way you've been driving, that may be a rotation every week or 2, but get the tires somewhere like costco where lifetime rotation/balance is included, and ur good to go.

Anyone else see that "Make Every Dougnut Count" 7-11 Commercial where these kids are spinning dougnuts in a parkinglot while they're eating those 7-11 krispy kreme ripoffs?
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